Thermostatic Mixer Valve

Thermostatic mixer valves are commonly used in Thermostatic-Mixer-Valve-Testing-Sydney-Watercare-Plumbingwide varied applications such as in nursing homes, restaurants, pre-schools, and in commercial applications. It maintains and limits water to a desired temperature that aids in preventing scalding.

Benefits of Thermostatic Mixer Valve Testing

Thermostatic mixer valve testing is a process of testing the temperature of cold and hot valves of the mixer tap on an individual’s home or business. It is most essential in which it serves as a method in ensuring the safety of personnel for example employees in a company environment. It is also important to have this process performed in residential settings to ensure that you and your family are safe in contact with water at home.

In choosing your thermostatic mixer valves, you should be very particular in its effects and it must meet the regulations imposed by the local standard authorities.

Water Care plumbing has the qualified & experienced tradesperson to achieve the testing requirements for all your thermostatic mixing valve requirements in accordance with NSW Health & Australian standards,

With this, you can seek advice from us at Water Care Plumbing for a variety of industrial testing as well as maintenance services in order to keep your working area and to preserve your home or business from expensive shutdowns and damages. If a thermostatic valve does not meet the needed requirements of the law, you can run the risk of causing harm in a particular home or business establishment.

How often are TMV`s required to be serviced/tested?

NSW Health requires TMV’s to be Watermarked against AS4032.1. This Australian Standard then refers to AS4032.3 Requirements for field testing, maintenance or replacement of TMV’s. This standard states that:

  • TMV’s are to be field tested at intervals of not more than 12 months.
  • A record of test results and repairs shall be provided in accordance with AS4032.3 Appendix B.
  • A management system such as shall be established to ensure the devices are tested and maintained in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements, AS4032.3 and the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Thermostatic actuators shall be replaced at intervals not exceeding 5 years.

The replacement and lubrication of dynamic ‘o’ rings and seals at intervals not exceeding 5 years or at shorter intervals as required by the manufacturer.


Thermostatic-Mixing-Valve-Testing-Sydney-Watercare-PlumbingA thermostatic mixer valve is used on a wide area of applications. Our team is trained and equipped specifically for thermostatic valve testing in Sydney metro areas, as well as the Central Coast. There are particular types of thermostatic valves that are more trusted and able to be serviced particularly. Due to their features, providing stability of hot and cold-water temperature is imperative. There are particular features that are essential to users and all of these comply with requirements of the government. For your convenience, we are a plumbing authority that constantly reminds their customers about the need for regular servicing. An appropriate time schedule is arranged for the servicing with the customer and the required components are then obtained foregoing to committing the work. A copy of a certificate of testing is given to the customer on completion.

Monitoring of the testing backflow prevention system and yearly servicing of the thermostatic valve mixer is an advised mandatory requirement. There is a need for every commercial establishment to undertake servicing particularly if units are used more often. This kind of service is done by qualified plumbers who are knowledgeable about the countless makes and kinds of all different valves. If a thermostatic mixing valve is serviced a work sheet is then left to record the results and the works done on the entire duration of the service. The servicing team performs a follow up service if there are any complaints from users about the testing and servicing.

Water Care Plumbing has long and high standing contracts with major commercial companies that require Thermostatic Valve testing in Sydney Metro and Central Coast areas. We are known for carrying out all procedures to the top leading standard. Our professional, experienced, and skilled team is responsible in providing extra maintenance in order to guarantee that your thermostatic mixer valves comply with the regulations in the industry. This process requires specific knowledge, skill, and equipment in which our company is capable of performing.

So contact us if you require thermostatic mixer valve testing Sydney. We are specialists and trained specifically in this area and will carry out the necessary work to ensure safety and efficiency in whatever environment you’re in!